Inform expands! - Inform

I’m delighted to announce  that Inform is about to expand our range of psychological services. Our Clinical Psychologist Lindsey, is going to start a Saturday clinic. Dr Marie English joins the team as Clinical Psychologist who specialises working with young children and teenagers with anxiety, depression and behaviour problems. Josephine Quinlan, Psychotherapist with many years experience working with adults, joins the team in September, as does Hilda O’Neill, Life Coach. Finally   Neuropsychologist, Dr Ann Moriarty will be available for memory clinics and neuro-psychological assessments.

Other services are planned for the autumn such as parenting classes and Mindfulness and Wellness programmes, but more of that later.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the many wonderful men, women, teenagers and children who have inspired us in our first three years.